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The Mauj Sticker Pack

The Mauj Sticker Pack

A celebration of everything we stand for as a community.
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Whether you’re gifting them to a friend or using them to adorn your laptop and notebooks, these stickers are a declaration of solidarity. Get your sticker pack today and join us in turning the tide.

For the best results, apply to a clean and smooth surface. Vinyl stickers will not adhere well to round or textured surfaces. 

  • Scratch-proof and durable Scratch-proof and durable
  • Multi-surface use Multi-surface use
  • Matte Matte
  • Vinyl Vinyl
Product specifications

This pack contains two sheets of five vinyl stickers each. Each sheet is 16x10 cm.

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Privacy and confidentiality are two of our core values, which is why they are at the forefront of everything we do and we have taken thoughtful steps to ensure that.

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I love deem! I never thought in my life I would have consecutive orgasms in a row. They’re so good my eyes water and my nose runs 😆

Z.A. |Deem 1 |November 21

Sorry I’ve been quiet 🤫 I’ve been busy 😳 You guys are amazing and Deem is out 👏🏽 of 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 world 👏🏽. THANK YOU 😊

F.L. |Deem 1 |June 21

It’s amazing. I love how clueless people are when they first take a look at it. My mom even thought it was a skincare item and used it without asking me! You should’ve seen my face!

N.N. |Deem 1 |March 22

I have to say that everything in the description above is 100% accurate! It's perfect and the delivery was as promised! Keep up the great work for all women!

T.N. |Deem 1 |January 23