Frequently Asked Questions


1. Shipping

When will my order ship?

We aim to ship your order within a week of receiving it. However, please note that, depending on inventory and time of year, this may take a little bit longer. 

Will my products be shipped separately or together?

We allow a maximum of two products being shipped together. If you have ordered more than two, they will have to be shipped separately. 

Will my order be shipped discreetly?

Keeping Deem discreet is important to us, which is why we've designed the packaging and shipping process to reveal as little information as possible. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to ensure that:

  • The name Mauj does not appear anywhere on the product or on its box. Instead, the box is labelled with Beauty Box LLC.
  • Deem's box does not contain any instructions on how to use the product, making its ultimate purpose our little secret.
  • The name Mauj does not appear as the sender's name on your package. Instead the "from" address on your shipment is Beauty Box LLC.
  • The shipping envelope does not include any information on Mauj.

  • Do you offer international shipping?
  • Yes we do. However, please note that it is your responsibility to comply with the legislation of the country to which you are ordering. 

    • How do I track my order?

    Once you’ve placed an order and it has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number that will allow you to follow the progress of the shipment.

    • What if my package is lost or stolen?

    We are not responsible for lost or stolen shipments. Please make sure that your destination has a secure point of delivery. 

    Safety and Sustainability

    • Is Deem safe?

    Yes, it is made using silicone that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

    • What is Deem made of?

    The smooth exterior is made of medical-grade liquid silicone.

    • Where is Deem manufactured?

    Deem is made in China.

    • Does it cause any irritations or allergies?

    Deem should not cause any sort of skin reaction unless you have a sensitivity or allergy to silicone. Try using it on a small patch of skin first, like your arm, to make sure that you don't have any reactions to the product.

    • Has Deem been tested?

    Yes, Deem has been extensively tested by more than a hundred women around the world.

    • Can I request a health certificate for Deem?

    Our silicone is FDA-certified and we can provide you with that certificate if you reach out to us via email.

    Product Instructions

    • What is Deem used for?

    Deem was designed to help you discover your body and explore your sexuality on your own terms, whether alone or with a partner.

    • Is Deem an alternative to sexual intercourse?

    No, Deem is intended to be used as a self-discovery tool or as a complement to intercourse. Using it during sex with a partner can open you up to a whole new world of pleasure.

    • How do I use Deem?

    To begin, place Deem against your clitoris. If you're not too sure where that is, don't worry. Start anywhere between your thighs and then navigate to the spot that feels best for you. 


    Start on the lowest speed available, working your way up gradually to faster speeds and different vibrations patterns.

    • How do I use Deem with a partner?

    Where do we even start! You could use it for clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, you could use it around your nipples during oral sex, or you could hand it over to your partner and have them explore your body with it. The options are endless.

    • How old do I have to be to use Deem?

    You must be of legal age in your country of residence to purchase Deem from our website.

    • Do I have to use lube with Deem?

    Using lubricant with Deem can improve your experience. However, do not use a silicone-based lubricant as it may affect the product.

    • It's my first time using a product like this. How should I go about it?

    Turn Deem on and place it against your clitoris. You should start to feel the vibrations pulsing through you. Be patient and kind with your body, and give yourself time to experience these new sensations. If you don't, add a little bit of lube and move Deem around, exploring different areas of your vulva to find the spot that feels most pleasurable to you.

    A small amount of lube can help avoid any friction that could lead to redness or irritation.

    Deem’s speed levels and vibrations differ to create different degrees of arousal. Start with the lowest speed, then gradually work your way up to discover the one that feels right for you.

    Remember that Deem is not intended for vaginal insertion.

    • Can I experience an orgasm with Deem?


    Our ability to experience an orgasm, and how easily and quickly we do, differs greatly from woman to woman and even depending on what stage of our cycle we are in. Don't focus so much on the end goal, and instead enjoy the waves of pleasure that will come rolling in.

    • Can I send Deem as a gift?

    Of course! Just make sure to check the correct box when paying and we'll send Deem to your friend.

    Care and Cleaning:

    • How do I clean Deem?

    To keep your Deem clean, it must be washed after every use.

    Rinse your Deem thoroughly with running water, but avoid immersing it in water to avoid damaging the battery.

    While cleaning Deem, avoid using products that contain alcohol, petroleum, or acetone. Do not use the microwave or dishwasher.

    Once Deem is completely clean, dry it with a paper towel and keep it somewhere away from extreme heat or cold, for example in your closet.

    Be careful not to leave it on the floor to avoid bacteria pet hair from gathering on the surface, which can cause a vaginal infection upon future uses.

    • How do I charge Deem?

    Charge your Deem using only the original USB charger that was provided with it.

    Deem charges when the light is on, and charging it after every use will help guarantee a longer battery life.

    A full battery charge requires two hours.

    • How do I safely store Deem?

    Store Deem in your closet or drawer, away from extreme heat or cold.

    • What is Deem’s lifetime?

    Deem's battery life is one year.

    • Is Deem waterproof?

    Deem has an IPX6 waterproofing level, meaning that it can be washed under a faucet or used in the bathroom, but that it cannot be immersed in water.

    • Can I purchase a replacement charger?

    If you need to purchase a replacement charger, email

    • Deem is not turning on. What should I do?

    Before using Deem, make sure it is fully charged, the charger intact, and that the charging light is on. If it's still not turning on, email


    Return and Exchange Policy:

    • Does Deem come with a warranty?

    Deem comes with a one-year warranty starting from the original date of purchase, which covers manufacturing and material defects.

    • What is the return and exchange policy?

    Our products are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, unless faulty.

    Products that are damaged as a result of normal wear and tear are not considered faulty. 

    • What if Deem is damaged or faulty?

    If you return a damaged or faulty Deem, we will inspect it and, at our discretion, either replace it or refund the full purchase price and taxes, if applicable. 

    • What does the warranty cover?

    The warranty covers defects in materials, functionality, and workmanship. It does not cover damages caused by normal wear and tear, deliberately or accidentally, negligence or if you fail to follow product care instructions or if the goods have been misused, altered, or repaired without our approval. 

    • When will I get my money back in case Deem is returned?

    Whether a product is replaced or refunded is at our discretion. In case of refund, we will return to you the product price and taxes.

    Funds may take up to 60 days to appear in your account.


    If you have any additional questions, please get in touch by emailing